Flexible Working

I Have Been Working As A LTFT Doctor For Over A Decade

Dr Alyson Smith

I have been working as a LTFT doctor since the birth of my twins in 2010. I was a cardiology registrar at that time, working at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and did sub-speciality training in echocardiography and cardiac MRI. Following achieving CCT in 2015 I joined Chesterfield Royal Hospital, working 3 days a week. My role currently involves in-patient and out-patient work as well as being medical lead for echocardiography at the trust.

Throughout my LTFT working as a registrar I received support from all the cardiologists at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and now at Chesterfield working LTFT is common place for doctors, for multiple reasons throughout the hospital.

The main advantage for myself in working LTFT is the involvement in family life and “me time”. My non working days have allowed me time to have head space whilst running – something I took up in 2014 and last year I achieved 1000 miles. The only disadvantage of working LTFT can be busy days at work as you try and fit everything in, which may be the same no matter how many hours you work!

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Flexible Working
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