women in cardiology


Welcome to your BCS WIC committee & regional reps network. To contact an individual, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

Dr Sarah Blake
WIC Committee Member.
BJCA WIC rep, Cardiology Registrar with specialist interest in ACHD & cardiac imaging
Dr Muram El-Nayir
Regional WIC Rep (Thames Valley/Oxford)
Cardiology Trainee (Devices)
Dr Derek Harrington
WIC Committee Member.
Interventional and General Cardiologist
Dr Beth Banks
Regional WIC Rep (N Ireland)
Cardiology Trainee
Dr Louise Buchanan
WIC Committee Member
Consultant Cardiologist in North Cumbria
Bethan Maidment
WIC Committee Member
Medical Student at Lancaster University, WIC student rep
Dr Sarah Verhemel
Regional WIC Rep (Wales).
Cardiology trainee
Dr Safa Daghem
Regional WIC Rep (Severn)
Cardiology Trainee
Dr Heather Moore
Regional WIC Rep (Peninsula).
Cardiology trainee.
Dr Kuldeepa Veeratterapillay
Regional WIC Rep (Northern Deanery).
Cardiology Trainee.
Dr Joanna Lim
WiC lead
Consultant Cardiologist in Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Dr Debbie Falconer
Regional WIC Rep (London)
Dr Josephine Mansell
Regional WIC Rep (London)
Dr Joanna Abramik
Regional WIC Rep (Severn).
Cardiology trainee
Dr Neha Sekhri
WIC Committee Member.
Consultant Cardiologist; Cardiomyopathy & Cardiac Imaging
Dr Tiffany Ng
Regional WIC Rep (London)
Academic Clinical Fellow in Cardiology
Dr Sarah Birkhoelzer
WIC Committee Member.
Cardiology Registrar & BHF Research Fellow
Miss Emily Morris
WIC Committee Member.
Foundation Doctor and Foundation WiC committee Rep
Dr Clare Appleby
Former WIC Committee Member, 2020-2023
Clinical Lead for Intervention & TAVI
Dr Shirley Sze
Regional WIC Rep (Midlands)
Cardiology Trainee
Dr Kate Gatenby
Regional WIC Rep (Yorkshire).
Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Rebecca Dobson
Former WIC Committee Chair, 2020-2023
Consultant Cardiologist (Cardio-Oncology)
Dr Rebecca Godfrey
Regional WIC Rep (Kent, Surrey & Sussex).
Cardiology Trainee.
Dr Alyson Smith
Regional WIC Rep (South Yorkshire).
Consultant Cardiologist (Imaging)
Dr Preethi Suresh
Regional WIC Rep (East of England)
Cardiology Registrar with an interest in percutaneous cardiovascular interventions
Dr Shazia Hussain
Former WIC Committee Member, 2020-2023
Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
Dr Mehek Asad
Regional WIC Rep (North West & Mersey)
Cardiology Trainee
Dr Joanna Grogono
Regional WIC Rep (Plymouth).
Consultant Cardiologist (HF & devices)
Dr Mya Lelt Win
Regional WIC Rep (Scotland)
Cardiology Trainee, Dundee