women in cardiology

Leadership Showcase

Women are significantly under-represented in positions of cardiology leadership. Hear from these women and learn from their experiences.

Dr Rawan Khuwaileh
Cardiology SPR

Don't let fear stop you achieving what YOU want for your career. With the right planning and support, many things are achievable, even if it means a little juggling, military precision planning - and lots and lots of lists!!

Dr Dawn Adamson
Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

First, get your core clinical role well under your belt; you will need professional respect above all else.

Prof Frances Bu'Lock
Congenital and Paediatric Cardiologist

Stay focused in your main interest area, but when development becomes limited therein, do not be afraid to explore the labyrinth of pioneering possibilities and service evolution.

Dr Jane Flint Bridgewater
Consultant Cardiologist

Believe in yourself. Know who your friends are (you will need them) and never give up.

Dr Sarah Clarke
Consultant Cardiologist

Just apply – you can do it, and why shouldn’t it be you? Don’t wake up when you are 50 and wonder “what if? Could it have been me?”. If you are unsuccessful, move on and try something else.

Dr Alison Calver
Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

My piece of advice for future cardiologists would be to be selective about the projects that you take on and to make sure you spend your time working on projects that you are passionate about. Improving a service that you really care about is deeply satisfying and will keep your job enjoyable for years to come.

Dr Laura Dobson
Consultant Cardiologist

Get involved, believe in yourself – you deserve your place ‘at the table’, elevate others.

Dr Petra Jenkins
Consultant Adult Congenital Cardiologist