November 23, 2022

UK WIC talent directory

We have recently launched a talent directory of WIC working in the UK. Women are consistently under-represented on speaker panels, advisory boards, writing groups etc and BCSWIC are keen to redress the balance. . If you are a WIC (trainee, staff grade or consultant) working in the UK and are happy to be approached for any of     these opportunities or similar, please complete this short form:

What is the purpose of the talent directory?

Women cardiologists are consistently under-represented on speaker panels at national conferences, and in cardiology writing and advisory groups. The purpose of the BCSWIC talent directory is to have a central pool of talent of UK women cardiologists.


How will the talent directory work?

National cardiology societies will be invited to ask the BCSWIC committee for the contact details of relevant WIC when they are planning conferences, events, creating advisory panels etc. We will only pass on your details for activities that you have expressly consented to. For example, if you have consented to be contacted re giving a talk/presentation but not consented to participating in an advisory board, we will not pass on your details if a society asks us for potential advisory board participants.

We will not ‘give’ the talent directory to any cardiology society or industry. We will only supply them with your contact details if you have consented, for a specific activity.


Can I consent to be contacted by some pharma/device companies and not others?

No, it is not possible to do this. If there are any pharma/device companies that you do not want to have your details, please do not tick the box for UK industry.


What personal data are you holding about me?

The talent directory contains the information you provided when you signed up. Your name, email address, grade, place of work, sub-specialty, the type of work you are happy to be approached about and whether you are happy to be approached by a national cardiology society and/or UK industry.


Where are you holding this data?

The data is held on a password encrypted Google form. The BCSWIC lead and BCSWIC administrator are the only people who have access to this file. We will not ‘give’ the file or its contents to anyone else.


How long will you keep hold of this data?

We will keep hold of your data until you tell us to remove you from the talent directory. We will contact you via the email address you supplied once a year to ask if you would like to remain in the talent directory.


Will you use my data for any other purpose?

No, we will never share you rdetails for any other purpose.


Can I change my mind and be removed from the talent directory?

Yes, if you would like to be removed from the talent directory, please email wic@bcs.comand we will remove you within 5 working days.


What will you do with my personal data once I am removed from the talent directory?

We will erase your personal data from the talent directory, it is not stored or replicated anywhere else.


Can I edit the information about me in the talent directory?

Yes, if you would like to edit the information you have supplied, please email wic@bcs.comand we can update your information as per your wishes.


I still have some questions, who do I contact?

Please email if you have any other questions and we will answer them as soon as possible.

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