Flexible Working

Working LTFT Has Been One Of The Best Decisions I Have Made In My Professional Career

Dr Kuldeepa Veeratterapillay
Newcastle upon Tyne

I’m an ST4 cardiology registrar in the Northern Deanery. I started my ST3 training post as a full time trainee in 2017 but started working less than full time (80%) after I had my 2 daughters. Working LTFT has been one of the best decisions I have made in my professional career. Taking that time off every week and having slightly less out of hours work that my full time colleagues do make a real difference in helping me find a balance between work and spending time with my family. It also allows more time for CPD and reflection and I would definitely recommend it!

It can sometimes be difficult especially in early registrar years due to pressure in getting enough procedural exposure and may require flexible childcare options. I have been lucky to have a few good female role models here in the North East who have inspired me and taught me that it is doable with some planning and organisation.

I am also LTFT rep for my region and networking with trainees from other specialties have made me realise a lot of us are in the same boat, especially those in procedure-heavy specialties. However, the variety of invasive and non-invasive procedures is what I find really enjoyable and rewarding in cardiology and I would not have it any other way! Although it can be challenging at times, it is incredibly important to maintain that passion and hard work.

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